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Star Gazer Bracelet

Star Gazer Bracelet

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So romantic! Featuring a beautifully detailed, sterling silver, Art Nouveau button that acts as the clasp on this bracelet. This fabulous button depicts a lovely lady or goddess, surrounded by flowers. Done in a soft peaches & cream pallet, accented with antiqued silver, and finished with  rich rustic leather cord.

Smoothed with age, this antique coin still has the faint outline of lady Liberty, surrounded with stars. I have added some whimsical vibes with a sweet handcrafted sterling star. 

  • antique sterling silver button, hallmarked John Thompson & Sons, Birmingham, England, 1903.
  • artisan sterling silver star charm
  • antique liberty coin, USA 1904
  • freshwater pearls
  • mother of pearl heishi beads
  • Ethiopian, hand crafted metal beads
  • multi colored moonstone beads
  • leather cord
  • wood rondelles
  • sterling silver ring
  • Indonesian, handcrafted
  • sterling silver beads
  • glass beads
  • size large-extra large, best fits 8"-8.5" wrists
  • one of a kind
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