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Tail Waggers Necklace

Tail Waggers Necklace

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A very special gift for pet lovers, this necklace features a gathering of wonderful treasures, that they will adore. An antique brass dog license, from 1921, has a unique scalloped edge and bold, antique stamped lettering. I have added in a  touch of sparkle with a tiny, salvaged, glass crystal dangle.

The timeworn, silver toned tag, is very old, and is from the Tail Waggers Club, which was founded in the U.K, in 1928.  The front has the stamped number, name and address, and the back, reads " Tail Waggers Club. I help my pals" .

I’ve finished this trio of charms with an added a touch of love, from an old style, oxidized metal heart.

All suspended from a floral embossed charm holder, and chain accented with the most beautiful, faceted hand cut glass beads. These, icy clear beauties, were salvaged from a lovely old necklace from the 1940's.

The Tailwaggers Club was founded in 1928 by Captain Horace Hobbs to help to provide funds for the Royal Veterinary College to support their work. Dogs that became members of The Tailwaggers Club received a special collar medallion engraved with the Club’s logo and the motto “I help my pals”.   In 1930, The Tailwaggers Club was able to offer financial support to the newly-formed Guide Dogs for the Blind.

  • antique dog license, brass 1921
  • antique Tail Waggers Club ID medal, circa 1930’s, London, England 
  • oxidized metal heart
  • salvaged hand cut crystals, circa 1940’s
  • antique silver toned chain & charm holder
  • 34”
  • one of a kind
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